Gurdwara Sahib Leamington Spa wedding video – Sahib and Kieranjit

There is nothing quite like a traditional Sikh wedding in terms of the sheer range of emotions it can encapsulate. It was therefore an honour and privalige to be able to capture the whole of Kieranjit and Sahib’s ceremony on video– from morning preperations right through to the reception and final Doli (Bride farewell).
The celebrations began first thing in the morning when preparations were made for the long day ahead. I would like to thank Aleksandra, who was second shooter on the day for her great job capturing Kieranjit (The Bride) and her family throughout these proceedings. This was then followed by the traditional Sikh “Milni” – a formal get together where where both families meet each other, starting with the oldest members of each family before entering the Gurdwara (Sikh Temple)
As is the case with all Sikh celebrations, the day was full of vibrant and joyous colour, highlighted by the bride and groom, looking resplendent in white/gold and red/gold outfits. The ceremony itself was held in the stunning Gurdwara Sahib, a modern temple in Leamington Spa that hosts hundreds of Sikh ceremonies throughout the year. For those not accustomed to Skih weddings, a typical ceremony starts with the bride’s father placing the bridegroom’s sash into the hands of the bride before an officiating person reads four lavan (stanzas) from the Guru Granth Sahib. After this is done a holy sweet pudding (Karah Pasad) is distributed to all present.
After the ceremony had taken place, it was finally time to start the party and proceedings moved on to the reception which was being held at St john’s Hotel in Solihull. The music was supplied by a dj and two traditional sikh drummers who brought much joy and laughter to the occasion whilst the bride and groom managed to encaptivate everyone in the room with an incredibly emotional first dance. A change of outfit saw the groom sporting an elegant evening suit whilst the bride showed off a stunning white and gold dress and it wasn’t long before everyone was up and dancing with the happy couple.
The day was rounded off by a tearful and emotional farewell as the bride said her goodbyes to family and friends before leaving her parents house to be with the groom. As night fell everyone was left to reflect and look back on what had been an amazing day of celebration.