Sikh and Hindu Wedding Wolverhampton – Jaz and Bhavna

One of the most exciting things about being a wedding cinematographer is being able to experience the weddings of different cultures and religions. No two weddings are ever the same and through providing cinematography I have been lucky enough be a part of different types of ceremonies and celebrations.
One of the latest weddings I had the pleasure of filming was that of Bhavna and Jaz. This wedding was a little different to the usual weddings I film as it brought two different religions together; they had a Sikh and Hindu wedding. Whereas most weddings take place over the course of one day, this one actually spanned over different weeks and I was fortunate enough to be involved throughout.
Beautiful Wedding Venues in Wolverhampton
I have to say, this was a truly enjoyable day for all and bride Bhavna and groom Jaz did a fabulous job of organising a beautiful celebration. This wedding had a few different locations which, as a wedding videographer, really allowed me to explore different backdrops and styles.
The first location was for the Sikh part of the wedding, this was held at the Shri Guru Ravidass Temple in Wolverhampton; an impressive gurdwara which holds a special place for the couple and their families. This is where everyone came together following Sikhism and its rituals. The next week there was a Hindu wedding, which took place at Sitara Hall in Wolverhampton. On this day the wedding was slightly different, which is to be expected, but nonetheless it was as beautiful and romantic as the first wedding ceremony.
The couple didn’t just stop at having two perfect wedding ceremonies, but they then went onto have a wedding reception at Ramada Park Hotel. Located also in Wolverhampton, Ramada Park Hotel is a beautiful venue situated among rolling hills, vast open space and great scenery; this made it the perfect backdrop for filming a wedding and capturing its essence.
There was also a third day, a civil ceremony wedding. This will be mentioned on a different post, so check it out. This civil ceremony provided yet another type of wedding for me to film, which really added to the enjoyment of the entire process. For all of these ceremonies my second shooter was Aleksandra; she was a great help throughout and really showcased her cinematography skills.