Sikh wedding film Hounslow, Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha – Bal and Priya

Celebrating love and family pride at a Sikh Wedding in Hounslow from the eyes of their cinematographer
Anand Karaj, the term for the Sikh wedding ceremony translates as ‘Blissful Union’, and that was exactly what I saw when filming the wedding of Priya and Bal, in Hounslow. The wedding day was full of love, family pride, and heartfelt emotion as relatives and friends united to celebrate this momentous occasion.
As Guru Amar Das says; “They are not said the be husband and wife, who merely sit together. Rather they alone are called husband and wife, who have one soul in two bodies”. The quote is a perfect sentiment that epitomises the love that was shared, not only between the newlyweds Priya and Bal but also with the friends and family that were gathered to watch the uniting of this loving couple.
The ceremony was held at Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Saba in Hounslow. The beautiful Gurdwara brings together the local Sikh congregation with its emphasis on providing a range of much-needed services to the community. With its welcoming atmosphere and community spirit, it was the perfect place for Priya and Bal to share their special day with their wedding guests and local Sikh community.
Filming the Milni was a special moment for me. As the introductions between the two families begin and they offer gifts and garlands to one and other, it was evident this was a marriage with the full blessing, and both families were jubilant about the coming together of these two wonderful people.
Priya was a beautiful bride; it was clear her appearance was utterly breath-taking as I filmed her arrival into the congregation. It was a joy to try and capture the anticipation and excited atmosphere that was felt as Priya made her entrance.
During the day, I was fortunate to have the talented cinematographer, Aleksandra, as my second shooter. Aleksandra covered Priya’s morning preparations which enabled the video to capture images of the beautiful dress filled with embellishment as well as the nerves and excitement felt by all of the bridal party. Aleksandra did a fantastic job throughout the day, and I am grateful for her skill and expertise and glad she is part of my filming team.
After the formalities in the Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Saba in Hounslow, the wedding party then travelled to the nearby Hilton London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 Hotel. Here the party came to life with dinner and energetic dancing. The happiness was infectious, and it was a privilege to be a part of such a joyous occasion. While it was hard not to join in with the dancing, especially with the loud and brilliant music surrounding the party, I knew that I was capturing something special.
The bond between the family and friends was truly magical, and I knew the celebratory atmosphere of their family and friends would be something Priya and Bal would want to have a reminder of. With the wedding film I have created for them, I hope to have captured all the little moments and unseen reactions to give the married couple a video that captures the essence of their special day, that they could relive, over and over again.
Priya and Bal have a compelling love which brings joy to each other as well as all of their now-united family and friends, this video that has been created of their magical day truly reflects the romance and unconditional love that was felt by so many during the wedding of Priya and Bal.

Photography: Voyteck

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